Key Players

This is a list of the key people involved with Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited

Peter Kravitz

Mr. Kravitz was appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer and Chief Restructuring Officer in December 2023. He recently sought a form of Chapter 15 protection in Canada and filed for bankruptcy in Delaware to protect the Company's US assets.

Thomas Richardson

Mr. Richardson was appointed as a Non-Executive Director effective April 20, 2023. He became Chairman of the Company in September 2023.

Arthur Millholland

Mr. Millholland was the Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Overseas Petroleum since August 2009. In September 2023 he moved from group CEO to president of the Company's US affiliate COPL America Inc.

legal fight

Join our legal fight to recover shareholder losses

We have a separate website under development for our planned legal action against the culprits of the theft of our life savings and pensions. Many people have been impacted including pensioners, a widow, a disabled veteran, and many others with their own stories.

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